Cricket Game-The most popular game in World (Essay)

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Cricket is played between two teams. Each team has eleven players including captain, wicketkeeper.
By tossing the umpire signals to start the game, one team takes to bating and other bowling and fielding The bowler bowls the ball to the batsman who strikes the ball with the bat. The wicket-keeper and the fielders are to defend or catch the ball. Three fieldsman are placed on onside, one at square leg, one at mid-on and third at long-on. Some fieldsman are placed near the boundary line. The captain of the can change the arrangement of fielders after consulting the bowler.
Batsman hits the ball and runs between the wickets when the bowler balls. If the ball touches the boundary line, four runs are scored. If it flies over the boundary line six runs are scored. The batsman may be out in many ways. Thus when all the batsman are out, the innings end. Generally two innings are played in cricket.The team that collects more run is declared  winner.
Three  umpires conduct and supervise the game. They also maintain rules and regulations in the game. The third umpire is called on the critical positions only. He gives the decision with the help of computer.
If batsman, after hitting the ball, can change his position once with his partner before the ball is received at the wicket, one the hand run is scored. Thus, if he can change his position twice, two runs are scored. If the ball crosses the boundary line, four runs are made. When the ball flies over the boundary lines, six runs hitting if the ball is caught, he is caught out. Again while making run if the ball is thrown against the stumps before he has reached the wicket the batsman is run out. If he places his leg before the wicket against a straight ball, he is out (LBW). First innings of one-side continues till the tenth player of the batting side is out. Then comes the rival team. The team, which can score greater number of runs, wins the match. Cricket helps the players to keep good health. It also develops the spirit of co-operation and brotherhood. Cricket is a very costly game. It is also the game of bravery. The poor cannot afford to play this game Yet, it is gaining popularity day by day.

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